The title might be fashionable, but a bit disgusting! As these words suddenly appeared in my mind so I use them as the title.  

Almost everyday, I spend my time in my studio from evening till morning. There is always nobody but myself in the empty culture factory in night. The empty courtyard, the empty streets and the empty city, there is always nobody anywhere but myself … Night makes me happy, and night makes me indulging in the world outside of the reality.  


My friends always think that I’m used to work in night, but it is not simply a habit in fact. To me, I just feel that only in night my soul could really belong to me 

Only in night, could I become a part of the world outside of the reality


And only in night could I see more than what I could see in daytime as my soul might feel at liberty to wandering here and there…  


I love the quiet and deep night, in which I feel like an elf…  



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