After being busy over the two exhibitions at the beginning of this month, I started my usual work again and had been working attentively in my studio for days. My creation for a few pieces of paintings booked by a friend from Shanxi China had also been carried out smoothly. The “culture factory” was quite as usual. Whenever I felt tired, I would get out of my studio to have either a cigarette or a can of beer under the cherry tree while enjoying some sunshine. By then I would probably think about the tea time shared together not long before with that calligrapher Mr. Liu Hongwei in his "cottage" during my stay in China…


One Tuesday, my friend Jan told me that the members of “Take 5” would come to my studio on the following Friday night to have a party again, so as to discuss some details about the exhibition for autumn art week of 2012 in DE WIJK. By then everybody would bring some beer which was always indispensable for our parties.


“Take 5” is actually just a group of our young and old guys who wish to hold exhibitions together for the friendship of ours. Nevertheless with the increase of such a kind of activities, this combination has been gradually recognized by public. This spring before I returned to the Netherlands from China, our group had already received several invitations for exhibitions in the future from CBK Drenthe and the Kunsthuis Secretarie 


Our party started at around 7:00 in the evening that day, during which everyone was assigned some preparatory work for the coming exhibition. Nearly 30 cans of beer that we brought for the party were all finished by 3:00 in the early morning. Then I locked the door and went back home for sleep.




The party environment is always such a mess. 



Mark is very proud of this photo, saying that his gesture appears to have a leadership style. 



Our “chairman” Peter van der Veen was making a summary for our meeting.  



Jan - Our Senior spokesman     



It is not that I'm obsessed with my back figure, but this is the only photo in which I could find my image. 



At the warmest moment of the meeting, a cigarette butt was habitually thrown into a newly opened can of beer.