After my extremely hard holiday in China, I selected 23 pieces of my painting work and sent them to the art company in Beijing, with which I had a good communication regarding to our future cooperation. Then on April 5th after a journey of 15 hours via Munich and Amsterdam, I got home at 1:30 on the early morning of the 6th in the local time of the Netherlands.


As worried about the opening ceremony of my personal exhibition in the Museums  Vledder the next day on the 7th, I slept only a few hours after my arrival and then hurried to the museum, where I found everything was in good order already, which made me feel at ease at once. I remember at the beginning of this month when I was still in China, I asked my friend to check about the weather forecast for the following days, just in a fear that I might fail to return back before the opening date if there was a squally heavy rain on the 5th that might probably delay my journey. After all this personal exhibition is quite an important one to me.


The Museums Vledder consists of three separated small museums: a glass art museum, a modern painting art museum and a museum for painting masterpiece fakes as well. Last year the art museum had a renovation funded by the local government and some private investors. Since my exhibition was the first one held in the museum after the renovation, therefore the opening ceremonies both for the renovated museum and for my exhibition were put together. At 4:00 PM on 7th, the mayor and the museum curator made their brief speeches for the museum opening ceremony. And afterwards, comments for my work as well as a speech for the opening ceremony for my exhibition were made separately by Dr. Frans van der Veen.


My personal exhibition would last for three months till the end of June. 









Board for posters outside the museum 



A corridor inside the museum, leading to the showroom for the collected art works.  



One of the museum exhibition halls after the renovation 



My friends in the opening of the exhibition 



the museum exhibition halls 



Participants in the opening of the exhibition 


Participants in the opening of the exhibition 



This guy … is also a participant in the opening of the exhibition. The pretty girl beside named Anna Roos, is the daughter of his friend, who is now studying medical profession in the University Leiden of the Netherlands.



Dr. Frans van der Veen was making his opening speech.  



At exhibition - my back figure   



Two beauties were smoking outside