Jan.7th was the last day for the exhibition of “Take 5” in studios. A TV interview by the local television station RTV-MEPPEL was arranged to be started around 2:00 pm that day. And in the evening those friends who had failed to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition would get together in my studio, during which we would enjoy drinks while chatting leisurely.


Since I had been working at night for several days till then, or perhaps I was too tired, and maybe it was also because I went to bed too late that day, my alarm clock couldn't wake me up at 12:30 noontime. By time when I woke up, it was already more than 1:30 pm. So I quickly got up, and hastily wiped my face. There was no time to shave and let alone to do any grooming or dressing. Thinking to myself that a painter needn’t care so much about his image, I drove to my studio in a rush with a slovenly and untidy state. During the period while the TV people were doing their preparations, I took out a banana and two sandwiches I brought with me, and then with a cup of coffee I had my breakfast in a hurry. Later the shooting started, but no one reminded me to tidy my hair. I thought I might look like a vagrant. Oh, forget it! Tossing in that way with day and night reversal, I really felt myself like a vagrant.


By time of around 4:00 pm after the TV interview, my friends came one after another. There were totally more than a dozen of men and women, who stayed up late and kept on talking till midnight. And by time when they took leave, all drinks had been drunk thoroughly. 




The coffee time before the interview 



I pretended to work seriously in the program recording period 



It was not getting dark yet, but people had come already



It was no need to be polite, just sat down and started to drink right away 



The smoking and drinking women were not necessarily bad ones  



While the smoking and drinking men were not necessarily good ones either 



Ria, a famous poetess  




The sounds of chatting plus the music of Doors…that formed a mess which seemed to be a market   :):     :