My nocturnal work in the studio had lasted for quite a few days, in a wish to work out several pieces of decent works as I don’t like to show the same works of mine that had been put on display several times before on different exhibitions. Although the year of 2012 has not yet begun, my preparation for the scheduled exhibitions for the coming year has started already. So far as it goes, there will be several exhibitions organized by the galleries in Groningen, Echten, Zwolle as well as in other cities in the north. Besides I have also been invited to hold an individual exhibition at Art museum Vledder and Rabobank ...... I dare not neglect a little.


Christmas and the New Year comes again, as those of us who work in the cultural factory have been considered to be cared by the local government, we think we ought to do something as a return. So during our last gathering in my studio, we discussed this topic and decided to hold a winter exhibition for “take 5” just in our studio area. Then on the 17th of this month, a mini opening ceremony organized by every one of us was held in our cultural factory. By then everyone’s studio and the corridor outside had become the exhibition space. To us this could be considered as a nice ending for the year of 2011.  



newspaper reports




busy with cleaning before the opening  


a break for a coffee or a cigarette 






our chairman Peter Van Der Veen made a brief opening statement


friends at exhibition 

The invited musicians were singing in front of the stacked paintings covered with cloth