An art exhibition titled as “China – Refletie, moed en identieteit” opened at Pand Paulus Art Center of Schiedam Holland on Nov.13th 2011. This exhibition was organized by Ms.Liao Zhanhong and would last for 20days. During the exhibition, about 50 pieces of art works of Chinese artists living in the Netherlands as well as the local Dutch artists were on display. A printing album for the works of the participating artists was also published during the exhibition.


The opening ceremony started at 4:00PM. Ms. Liao Zhanhong and a Dutch-born Chinese women artist conducted together a performance art with their body language and the props of potato and rice. They expressed in an exploratory way the contradictions of awareness, recognition, acceptance and rejection resulting from the collisions of two different cultures between East and West in the hearts of the overseas Chinese. During their performance, I sang two songs and my singing lasted until the performance ended. 




Some artists of the exhibition



Kaye and Zhanhong are doing a performance art 


Seriously they performed while seriously I sang. 





My works on the exhibition


My companion for the exhibition, Artist Anna Mercker