May.22cnd was the opening day for the exhibition in Tongeren Belgium, but my plan to attend the ceremony arranged long before with the organizer had to be cancelled finally, for my father suddenly passed away just two days before the scheduled date. I was told that in the early morning of that day, my father suddenly fell to the ground when he was doing his washing, and did not wake up again. So sad as I was I booked immediately the earliest air ticket that I could get for 22cnd, and then arrived at Shenyang international airport in northern China around midnight of 23rd local time. Afterwards I woke to the dawn for my father according to the Tungusic Chinese traditions, and then held for him a funeral in the early morning on 24th.


Perhaps there really exists some hint in the natural behavior of people that might not be realized or felt by people themselves. So far as I remember in the past, each time when I took leave after visiting him, my father would usually stand on the balcony and wave me goodbye without saying too many words, or at the most he would just remind me to take care of myself on the trip. But  months ago, when I left for Europe after my holidays with him, just by the time when I reached the parking lot which was quite far away from my home, suddenly I heard my father calling my name loudly. I turned back and saw him wiping tears on the balcony. To me that was really an unusual scene I’ve never seen but regret I didn’t think too much about it…


  After my returning to the Netherlands by the end of June, I could hardly calm down to work   as usual. So I simply would not go to the studio, but stayed at home to modify the stairs leading to the attic as well as to clean up the attic and transform it into a large room. Perhaps in a couple of years, my son may like that place. 



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