I’d been busy for two coming exhibitions for days already, sometimes even had to sleep in the studio. These two exhibitions would open separately on 14th and 15th of May, one was in Alkmaar, a city in west Holland while the other in Tongeren which situated in the middle part of Belgium.

My preparation work started from selecting exhibits, which meant I had to get them back from different places where they were on display. Then I had to do some cleaning, finishing and packing job before sending them to the galleries for exhibitions. On 9th and 10th I drove a hanging trolley to send those exhibits separately to Belgium and Alkmaar in west Holland.

The speed limit for trolleys was 80 kilometers. It seemed to me that I was driving an ox-cart. I felt more and more sleepy on the way. When I arrived at the resting area in Afsluitdijk, I bought a popsicle in a supper market and then laid on the grass to eat it while looking at the sky above. Afterwars I got up again to continue my trip to the destination…



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