Never had I learnt before how to sing but I did like singing ever since I was young. The songs I sang by then were just a couple of those of Mongolian and xibo nationalities in northern China. Sang with my feelings and sang with my love to the nation, gradually I had my own way of singing.

I remember in my life I sang only twice on normal occasions, and both of them were on the openings of my personal exhibitions. Last weekend my friend Ann’s exhibition opened at Giethoorn Library in the famous resort nearby. She invited me to sing a few Xibo songs for the opening. For me this was the first time to be invited to sing on such an occasion. Then I sang and had received good response. My friend Jan even suggested me to produce a CD-Rom and to sell them on exhibitions later on. It was a joke of course but sounded well…



 My friend Anna was reciting a poem on her opening  



singing the Sibo songs with strong emotion


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