• A new studio in Meppel / Meppel 的新画室

    18 mei 2011

    Early in Jan. 2011, the municipal government of the city I live Meppel decided to lease the classrooms of an idle primary school to local artists with an extremely low rent.


    Since my wife is busy with her work and study and my child is too young, in the year of 2010, I did not work much in my studio in Tuk. Sometimes when I got there after half an hour’s driving and just started painting, I had to put away my brush and hurried back again as my wife was too busy to look after the child. Annoyed as I was, I had to take care of the child.


    Actually I had been longing for a time to find a suitable place near my home but failed to get it for years. So I was very happy to hear the news as the school was just nearby and it took only 10 minutes by bicycle. On the 5th of Jan. I had a meeting with the man in charge for the lease and then selected a room of about 80 square meters with a high roof. The room was big enough with good lighting as well. All of these had made me excited for days. To me the studio was simply a big pie sent by heaven. Ha ha!


    Afterwards I did some cleaning and whitened the walls, then with some of the materials and works put in properly, I started my work right away.  

    new studio

    new studio


    new studio


    new studio


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  • < Take 5+ 〉First exhibition in 2011 / 2011年第一个画展《Take 5 》

    18 mei 2011


    poster of the exhibition



    Before the exhibition, we had a meeting at Peter’s home. We agreed with all the details regarding the invitation and the description about the exhibition. We also discussed about the introduction of the artists and the way of communication with media and newspapers. It was also in this meeting we decided that from then on, 5% of the incomes for sells of our works would to be put together as a fund for the group of Take 5 in order to cover all expenses for our drinks for meetings, website building or advocacy and some other costs for various art events. All of us agreed that the money should be managed or took care by Peter van der Veer who had the highest degree of integrity.


    Raadhuis Hoogeveen


    Raadhuis Hoogeveen


    our leader Peter van de Veen was busy at work  


    slipped out to have a cigarette 

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  • Art event 2010 in Assen / Assen 的艺术博览会 2010

    18 mei 2011

    Once a friend said that an artist’s work was to show or describe his dreams with his paintings. People who saw and liked the dreams would buy these dreams back and taste them slowly. Then by this way the artist could get the materials to sustain his life so that he could continue his dreams… ha ha!

    In mid November each year, there were always two different art fairs in Assen, the capital city of Drenthe in center of Netherlands. Artists and galleries from Netherlands, as well as from Germany and Belgium nearby would participate in this event.

    Elisbet, one of the organizers for the fairs who had bought my works before was a familiar colleague of mine. In the years before, I received twice the invitations for the fairs, but regret I was happened to be away in Lisbon by then. I was told that the artists who had participated in the fairs had all gained a lot (which meant they had some works sold). In spring of 2010, once again I received an invitation. This time I didn’t wish to miss it anymore, because I’d like to gain something too.

    During the days of Dec.13rd and 14th, there were a lot of visitors in the fairs and I was rather busy. But indeed I did gain something, which meant I had not worked for nothing



     三sunnHof van saksen


    warm night - Hof van saksen


    entrance of the artfire


    nice to see some painters I know


    nice to see some painters I know

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  • Meeting in the weekends - About exhibition < Take 5 > Jan. 2011 / 周末小聚,关于2011年1月的画展 - Take 5

    18 mei 2011

    An exhibition for works of Peter van der Veen, Jan van Os, Mark van der Stay, Robert and mine of course, was ready again. This was the first exhibition of our five for this year.

    As matter of fact, there existed great difference among the five of us, both in style of work and in artistic point of views. Normally artists could hardly get along with each other well unless they had same or similar ideas on creation or on concept. And to us, it was rather hard to find anything in common professionally that could bind us together to show as an artist group. So the only thing left might probably be the friendship in between.

    I remembered that before our summer exhibition last year, we really felt a headache to get a proposition for the exhibition. Finally we accepted Jan’s idea to name it as “Take 5”. Jan loved whiskey and music, and “take 5” was a famous jazz song that Jan remembered.

    In English the word of take 5 also meant to rest for 5 minutes. We made such a choice for our exhibition also because we wish that our works might make people relaxed both on spirit and soul.

    Since the summer exhibition “Take 5” was quite successful, we soon got an invitation to hold another exhibition for works of our five at Raadhuis Hoogeveen in the city of Hoogeveen , lasting from Jan. to Feb.2011. This exhibition was titled as “Take 5” again.

    If possible we all wished that “Take 5” might continue still, for the friendship between us.


    we met at Robert's home

    Four of us were at the meeting except Mark who was always busy with his children 

    keepPe pepetp

    The The meeting lasted from 20:00 till midnight, during which we’d spent more time in drinking then discussing details about the exhibition 

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  • Sept.2010 opening exhibition in Tuk / 2010年10月Tuk工作室画展开幕式

    15 mei 2011

    This exhibition was organized by friends Welke, Peter and I with the assistance from Pieter and some other friends of mine. Most of the guests invited for the opening ceremony were my colleagues, friends, clients and those who had paid their kind attention on my paintings during the last 10 years. I’d really like to give them my warm and sincere thanks.


    newspaper reports for exhibitions of my works  

    paintings are ready for the opening

    drinks for opening

    thanks god for the warm sunny day  

    There was a room for keeping all the portrait works, because this exhibition was just for my new landscape paintings.

    friend Welke was making the opening speech

    kept on talking  

    not finished yet 

    friends in opening

    friends in opening

    now it was my turn to say something 

    Musician I met before was invited to perform on the opening 

    friends in opening

    friends in opening

    fast moving children

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  • Hard working for an exhibition in Tuk 23.10.2010 / Tuk 工作室的个人画展2010.10.23

    15 mei 2011

    At about 4:30 early dawn, I finally finished my preparation work for an exhibition. Then standing outside my studio, I had a cigarette and saw for a while the moon hung in the dark sky which was almost full by then.

    Oct.24th 2010 would be the opening date for my second personal exhibition in Tuk. And my first one was held there two years ago in autumn. To me that was really a wonderful exhibition, successful and remarkable. Many guests had been invited and it was just in that exhibition that my biggest landscape work titled as “March in north” (1600 x 4000) was sold. That piece of work was created on March 2008, just when I was back to Europe after a visit to my hometown in China to sacrifice unto my grandparents.

    As for the second personal exhibition in Tuk, although it was just a small works display, I still prepared approximate 110 pieces of small works of landscapes and figures in different sizes which had been created from the second half of last year till this year. And in the past two days I had kept myself busy day and night with all kinds of preparation works for the exhibition. Whenever felling hungry, I would ate something in the snack bar nearby. One case of Belgian Blond Beer (a kind of Belgian beer with alcohol 6%) accompanied me throughout the whole period. And the last bottle of beer was finished by the time when all work had been done. When it was too late at night, I simply did not go home, putting a sleeping bag in the corner of the studio, I just had a short sleep.

    Tired as I had been, I did not wish to ask any friends for help, because to me the whole process was indeed a kind of enjoyment. I wished to feel silently a farmer’s feeling for harvest. I thought that was a unique thrill in life activities. There was no need to describe anymore, the feeling of harvest could only be understood by those who’d had planted.


    start working

    friends Jose and Welke were the first buyers of those small landscapes

    having dinner in Welke' home, two ladise were busy to cook the spaghetti

    a wall full of paintings

    4:30 on the morning, finished all works, 

    the sleeping corner

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  • An afternoon’s entertainment for fado / 听了一下午的fado(10月2010年,里斯本)

    25 oktober 2010

     A Portuguese lady named Luisa bought a piece of my painting work this spring. Since that work was at my home in Holland, so I transported it to her through a courier company. And we agreed to meet each other in autumn during my visit to Lisbon.


    After I had reached a relatively satisfactory solution for my troubles in Lisbon, I gave her a call, making an appointment for that afternoon in a coffee bar titled as café do imperio nearby the alemanda square. I got there 10 minutes earlier.  Since we had never met each other before, so I stood outside the coffee bar looking around. At exactly 3:00, I saw two ladies walking out of the coffee bar, straight up me and greeted me. So I went up and shook hand with Ms. Lusia in the front. But when I reached out my hand ready to shake hands with the other lady, I was surprised to find that the lady was actually my teacher Ms.Helena /Maria Helena neto in my Portuguese school one year before. So surprised as I was that I could not help going up to her for a warm hug. She was really a responsible teacher and good at teaching too. Even after I had finished my studies there, she still encouraged me by e-mail to continue my self-studies.


    Invited by Helena and her husband, I went to Helena’s home together with the two ladies. There I found that piece of my work was hanging up in the sitting room. Only until then did I get to know that Lusia was actually Helena’s sister in-law, her husband’s sister. Helena asked Luisa to contact me for the purchasing of my work just because she was afraid that I would probably reduce the price for my work because of the relationship between us… I really did not know how to express my feelings then when I got to know all about this, but could only appreciate the way in dealing with things of the Europeans.


    In our free chat later on, we talked about fado. And I leaned that her husband was in fact a fan for folk music. He then took out some CDs of fado singer’s from his music collection, and the following 2 hours were spent in fado melodies together with good Porto wine of Portugal… That afternoon was one of my most happy and pleasant afternoon I’d had during my recent visit to Lisbon.


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  • Exhibition of Extopoint in Ruinen 2010 / Ruinen - 荷兰extopoint艺术家群体2010年群展

    23 oktober 2010

    As a member of the artists’ group of Extopoint Holland, I was invited to take a part in the last exhibition for the year of 2010 held in Ruinen.

    The opening ceremony was held at 3:00 PM and I was there together with my friend Jan.  Agnes (a member of Extopoint as well as one of the organizers of the exhibition) made a brief opening speech and thereafter the exhibition started in music and wines.


    I drank all together 5 glasses of wine, not because that I was keen on drinking, but because that I was attracted and impressed by the music and songs as well as the humorous performance given by an old Dutch musician invited to perform on the exhibition. A friend told me that the old musician used to be a businessman. But since he loved music so much that he started his music life soon after he got retired. Some of the music and songs he performed seemed to be familiar to me, while many of others could only be aware and understood by those who have experienced the changing period of 60’s to 70’s during which the European and the American music changed from classic to popular ones. The amiability, humor and affinity shown by the old man attracted me so much that had made me like him at once. At the same time I had an idea in mind too, that is to invite him to perform on the opening ceremony for my coming personal exhibition late Oct. So I discussed it with his wife for a while, and she was quite pleased to accept. Both of them seemed to be quite happy to be invited.


    According to Dutch traffic regulation, drivers can moderate drinking, which means taking one glass of wine or a bottle of beer is allowed.  So for traffic safety, Jan had to act as the driver on our way back home as fortunately he had drunk only two glasses of wine.


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  • After the exhibition ' take 5 ' / 《Take 5》画展之后

    25 juli 2010

    The barbecue version for “ Take 5 ”
    Time: 5:00 PM    24/07/2010.
    Place: In my yard
    Participants:  Jan,  Robert,Mark,Peter and Zhongnai
    Food materials: beer, lamb chops, beef balls, chicken wings, chicken string, pork chops (I don’t eat pork), tomato, fresh mushroom, green pepper, coriander, cucumber, bread, and Qingdao small spring rolls
    Temperature: 23 – 11 degrees (Sunny with fresh air)Visibility: 100%

    1 001 copy by you.
    P7245637 by you.
    P7245642 by you.
    P7245651 by you.
    P7245647 by you.
    P7245655 by you.

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  • The opening ceremony of exhibition ' take 5 ' 2010 / Take 5 画展开幕式 2010

    11 juli 2010

    The planned exhibition for “take 5” opened at 4:00 PM on 11th of July. Since it was very hot with a temperature of more than 30 degrees and besides there would be the World Cup final between Netherlands and Spain in the evening, so we did not expect many invited guests could attend the opening ceremony. But the fact was that many of them had come, and among them there were a lot of familiar faces. Therefore we were kept busy indeed. Nevertheless we still couldn’t help running out twice to enjoy cigarettes in the smoking pavilion.

     After this busy day, I need to make a replacement for my lithograph works in a printing museum. Then afterwards I could temporarily relax for some time. I may then start my holiday to enjoy life!


    P7115561 by you.

    Take a break for five minutes

    P7115572 by you.

     "Wethouder van Cultuur" was presiding over the opening ceremony

    P7115564 by you.
    P7115582 by you.

    Friends Wilke, peter and I 

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