• Vou para Lisboa / 去里斯本

    14 november 2011

    As I had something regarding to my social security and tax affairs needed to be addressed, I came to Lisbon in mid-September, in a wish to take this opportunity to give myself a nice vacation as well.


    Knowing that I would go to Lisbon, my friends in Holland named Norman and Venny wanted to join me in Lisbon for their vacations too. (These two guys became my friends in the time when I learned Dutch language in Friesland College in earlier years). Since both of them were usually busy with their work, especially Noman who had always been working very hard and had almost no chance to travel anywhere during his vacation for years,so this time they vowed to get out of Holland and travel around freely just as what I had been doing for years. So on 22cnd, I picked them up at Lisbon airport and arranged accommodation for them. Then in the following 7 days later, I gave almost all of my spare time to them. Time seemed to return to the years before. Together we strolled around, we had dinners and we enjoyed big-bottled Portuguese beers in streets as well. Together we lamented that we were all getting old. And even more, together we watched beautiful women in streets, we talked in foul language and we teased fun of each other too…  



    Praça do Comércio 


    Rua Agusta


    Santa Justa


    Lisboa cidade de Fado


    Praia Cascais




    Em Cristo Rei


    Uma senhora Brasileira bonita 


    Cristo Rei


    Dois homens estúpidos 


    Comer um pão Turco 


    Praça do Duque da Terceira 

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  • After the exhibition in Belgium / 比利时画展之后

    14 november 2011

    May.22cnd was the opening day for the exhibition in Tongeren Belgium, but my plan to attend the ceremony arranged long before with the organizer had to be cancelled finally, for my father suddenly passed away just two days before the scheduled date. I was told that in the early morning of that day, my father suddenly fell to the ground when he was doing his washing, and did not wake up again. So sad as I was I booked immediately the earliest air ticket that I could get for 22cnd, and then arrived at Shenyang international airport in northern China around midnight of 23rd local time. Afterwards I woke to the dawn for my father according to the Tungusic Chinese traditions, and then held for him a funeral in the early morning on 24th.


    Perhaps there really exists some hint in the natural behavior of people that might not be realized or felt by people themselves. So far as I remember in the past, each time when I took leave after visiting him, my father would usually stand on the balcony and wave me goodbye without saying too many words, or at the most he would just remind me to take care of myself on the trip. But  months ago, when I left for Europe after my holidays with him, just by the time when I reached the parking lot which was quite far away from my home, suddenly I heard my father calling my name loudly. I turned back and saw him wiping tears on the balcony. To me that was really an unusual scene I’ve never seen but regret I didn’t think too much about it…


      After my returning to the Netherlands by the end of June, I could hardly calm down to work   as usual. So I simply would not go to the studio, but stayed at home to modify the stairs leading to the attic as well as to clean up the attic and transform it into a large room. Perhaps in a couple of years, my son may like that place. 



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  • Exhibition in Gallery Alkmaar 14.05.2011 / 奶酪之城Alkmaar画廊的展览

    19 mei 2011

    Two months ago I was invited by Gallery Alkmaar for a 6 weeks’ exhibition. Alkmaar is a world famous and historic city. It is rich in tulips and cheese too.

    The gallery owner is a pretty young lady named Tanja. Her boyfriend Erik is also a hard working artist. Nine years ago we participated in a same group exhibition together.

    Because of the economic and marketing reasons, many of the local galleries have closed up during the last few years. But their gallery is still working well. Exhibitions in this gallery have been continuing day after day .



    gallery ownerTanja, artist Erik ( man in coloured shirt ) and their gallery


    chatting with my best friend Santosh in a corner at the exhibition. 9 years ago we came together to the vicinity of Alkmarr for an exhibition.  


    young people were playing music outside



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  • Busy with two exhibitions / 5 月的两个画展

    19 mei 2011

    I’d been busy for two coming exhibitions for days already, sometimes even had to sleep in the studio. These two exhibitions would open separately on 14th and 15th of May, one was in Alkmaar, a city in west Holland while the other in Tongeren which situated in the middle part of Belgium.

    My preparation work started from selecting exhibits, which meant I had to get them back from different places where they were on display. Then I had to do some cleaning, finishing and packing job before sending them to the galleries for exhibitions. On 9th and 10th I drove a hanging trolley to send those exhibits separately to Belgium and Alkmaar in west Holland.

    The speed limit for trolleys was 80 kilometers. It seemed to me that I was driving an ox-cart. I felt more and more sleepy on the way. When I arrived at the resting area in Afsluitdijk, I bought a popsicle in a supper market and then laid on the grass to eat it while looking at the sky above. Afterwars I got up again to continue my trip to the destination…



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  • 01.05.2011 / 2011年05月01日

    19 mei 2011

    Sometimes, I feel that my life went wrong. 

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  • Hylas and the Nymphs / 修拉斯和水妖

    19 mei 2011

    The temperature was 23 degrees then.


    Never have I had any interests in gardening, but the little yards in front and at back of my house of about 100 square meters had to be filled with something. Although there were not too many flowers, I still could not just stand to watch them wilt under the hot sun. So one day I linked up water pipes and started to act as a gardener. Meanwhile our next door neighbor, an old Dutch couple was also doing the same thing in their garden. So we greeted each other and chatted for a while.


    Sunny days always made people feel comfortable and relaxed. To breath the transparent and non-polluted air under the sun light, and to smell the scent of flowers, I felt like living in paradise.

    So I stood there leisurely in carefree trance, while listened to the sound of sprinkle water on leafs and flowers… At that moment I felt myself like an old man with the same age as my neighbors. Just imagine the scene, in the sunlight a guy wearing a pair of shorts busy with weeding and watering in the garden, wasn’t it a funny thing?


    The spring here was too beautiful and too fragrant. During the daytime I could hardly paint anything attentively for I was always attracted by things outside the studio. From time to time, I’d wish to go out to turn around as I loved so much to stay in nature. Therefore during the beautiful season like this, I had to change my working time to night and worked till dawn. Only in this way could I resist the temptation outside.


    I remembered an ancient Greek myth, it said a young man could not resist the temptation of the girls in water, and followed them into the lake then disappeared. The British classical artist Waterhouse described this scene of the myth in his painting named as Hylas and the Nymphs. I had seen the printed copy of his work during my school time. At that time I though I understood why Hylas had been tempted, for the girls in water were so beautiful that one could hardly resist the temptation. In fact I was tempted too at the very moment when I saw the beauties in the painting and I’d even wished to walk into the painting, then kick that young man away and follow the girls into the lake…


    Beautiful things might make people intoxicated and cultivate people’s mind and feelings, beautiful things might make people nostalgic infinitely and beautiful things might also make people stuck and unable to extricate themselves or even lose themselves as well as to lose the momentum of marching forward.  



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  • 3 Xibo young fellows / 3 个锡伯族年轻人

    18 mei 2011

    During my holidays at my hometown in China, an intimate friend of mine Chengzhi also came back from Japan for his holidays. Chengzhi had been doing his researching work for Manchu studies for years in Kyoto University, and we hadn’t seen each other for 13 years already. So we arranged to meet each other in Shenyang in mid March after the Chinese New Year, to review our 13 years’ brotherhood together with our common friend Pi (an expert in Manchu language of Liaoning Archives)

    Many years ago, on old coach threw me in a narrow street of a small town named as Chapchal. It was an autonomous county of Xibo, locating in the far west of China. From where about dozen kilometers westward was the Republic of Kazakhstan. Walking in the streets, I could find no one looked like a Xibo. Some locals came across and turned away quickly as if to avoid me deliberately. I felt my passion cooled down at once for I had expected beforehand that I might be welcome with open arms by my Xibo compatriots.

    Soon it was getting dark, so I went into the only one hostel in the county. There was a young guy at the front desk. He asked me for my certificate of identity. When he saw my student ID, he seemed to be quite happy and said: “oh, you are a Xibo! So you are at home now”. Then I asked if he was a Xibo too, he said he was not but he knew all Xibo people in the county.

    The hostel charged 2 yuan for each day. In the room there was just a desk and a bed. Besides, there was a basin, a thermos, a cup and beddings as well. That night I was the only guest of the hostel. After having a bowl of noodles in a small restaurant nearby, I went to bed immediately and soon got sleep. The whole night I covered my head with the quilt because I saw a big hole on the roof that always caused me to think something horrible.

    I remembered I had a dream that night. In the dream I finally found my Xibo fellows with the same ancestors. And there were so many Xibo brothers sitting together with me in the dream, asking me about the things of my hometown. They also told me that they had been living here for generations in Chapchal for hundreds of years already, but they were eager to visit their native land in northeast China so as to achieve the aspirations of their ancestors…

    Early the next morning, someone knocked at my door. I opened the door and found a burly man in middle-age together with a young man behind. “Are you the student from Shenyang Academy of Fine Arts?” The middle-aged man asked. “Yes, I am.” I replied “And I’m here to look for my Xibo fellows and relatives”. Then he said: “we learnt from the young guy on duty here last night that a Xibo student had come from Shenyang. My name is Bo Feng. I’m in charge for the culture management of the county, and I like to paint water color paintings too. This young man is Yinda, he has just graduated from the fine art dept. of the Northwest Nationalities Institute”. After this introduction he hugged me warmly and said: “come with us please, don’t stay here anymore…”

    So far as I knew my father went to Chapchal once at his twentieth, accompanied by one of his Xibo friends, to search for the traces of our ancestors. He was told that several generations before some of our ancestors had been moved to Ili, but more than 280 years had pasted, nothing had been heard from them ever since. My father told me that originally he planned to look for his relatives first, and then he would marry a Xibo girl so as to settle down there afterwards. But later since it was really uneasy for him either to find any of his relatives or to settle down in that multi-ethnic mixed place, he had to give up his idea and returned home without anything. To me it was lucky that he failed, otherwise there would have be no me in this world. Thinking about this, I really felt that the occurrence of life was somewhat quite interesting, hehe!

    My first visited to Chapchal had left me a deep impression. By then I was a just a student with strong interests in the culture as well as in the history of my nation. By chance of visiting Dunhuang for inspection and painting, I went further west to a place called Chapchal, where as my father had said full of my Xibo fellows… Even up to now I could not forget my traveling experience that time: two days on train during which I had to sleep on the floor of the train under the seats, and two days on coach where I could not even straighten my legs…

    During the years later, I had been to Chapchal again for a couple of times. And the longest time of my staying there was about half a year in 1995. Soon after my first visit to Chapchal, I gradually acquainted with Chengzhi and Pi, my two Xibo young fellows who were both passionately devoted to the nation as well as the culture of Xibo. Over the past ten years more, we always cared and encouraged each other, like brothers






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  • Singing the Sibo songs / Sibo Ucun 锡伯歌曲

    18 mei 2011

    Never had I learnt before how to sing but I did like singing ever since I was young. The songs I sang by then were just a couple of those of Mongolian and xibo nationalities in northern China. Sang with my feelings and sang with my love to the nation, gradually I had my own way of singing.

    I remember in my life I sang only twice on normal occasions, and both of them were on the openings of my personal exhibitions. Last weekend my friend Ann’s exhibition opened at Giethoorn Library in the famous resort nearby. She invited me to sing a few Xibo songs for the opening. For me this was the first time to be invited to sing on such an occasion. Then I sang and had received good response. My friend Jan even suggested me to produce a CD-Rom and to sell them on exhibitions later on. It was a joke of course but sounded well…



     My friend Anna was reciting a poem on her opening  



    singing the Sibo songs with strong emotion


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  • An official opening of the Cultuur Fabriek / 文化工厂

    18 mei 2011

    The idle primary school now called as “Cultuur Fabriek” opened now.  


    factory - in a quiet corner of the city


    all factory workers at the opening ceremony 


    the curious audiences 


    wethouder Myfiam Jansen presided over the official opening  


    friend Jaco Baas and me

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  • 2011 - work, play, love

    18 mei 2011

    Bid farewells to my beloved ones at homeland, I was back again with a restless heart to the other side of the earth. Got off the plane, went through the customs then I walked out of Amsterdam Schiphol international airport. By that moment I saw from a large screen far away on the wall of a building saying like this: work, play, love…

    Sincerely wish that my life in 2011 could be as simple as this.

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