• The 21st Fine Artwork Auction of Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd.

    6 januari 2013

    Recommended by the website of fine arts in Beijing www.artxun.com, two of my oil paintings "Night" and "Fairy" were selected to participate in The 21st Moderen and contemporary Art Auction organized by Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd  The auction will be held on January 20th 2013 in New Poly Plaza Beijing, during which 263 pieces of paintings of hundreds of artists including the world famous painters like Parblo Picasso as well as to the unnamed junior painters like Zhongnai will be auctioned.


    Address: New Poly Plaza, 1 North Chaoyangmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing China 100010
    TEL: 86-10-64082277 FAX: 86-10-64082188  



    two of my paintings <Night 2012> and <Fairy 2012>

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  • Three Exhibitions in the Netherlands in September of 2012 / 9月,荷兰的3个画展

    16 december 2012

    August and September is usually the summer vacation time in the Netherlands. And it is also the most leisurely period of time for the people.

    But for me, things are different this year. For the time of August and September, I spent most of my time in my studio in China, busy with my creation work. Although tied, I felt enriched at same time. Same as before, each day I would go to calligrapher Liu Hongwei’s “Cottage” to have a tea break as well as to have a short chat, with my upper body bared and feet in slippers.


    As scheduled before, in September I would participate in three exhibitions held in different cities in central and northern cities of the Netherlands. “Kunst in de koop” in the city of Steenwijk, “Grensloos kunst verkennen” organized by the Artists Association of Drenthe Province and a group exhibition of 8 artists in Le-art gallery in Groningen. Since by that time I would be already back to China for my domestic creation work, so by convention, I had to put all matters regarding to these exhibitions to my bosom friend Jan to take over. Then before my departure, I worked hard to classify all the exhibits and labeled on the works so as to indicate what works at what time should be sent to what place for exhibition.


    I know for this summer vacation, Jan was as busy as I was. 




    The group exhibition of 8 artists at Le-artgallery 

    My works were taken by Le-artgallery to participate in 2012 International Art Fair in Groningen

    Kunst in de koop” in the city of Steenwijk 

    Grensloos kunst verkennen” in Drenthe, the exhibition area for artists group of “Take 5” 

    Grensloos kunst verkennen” in Drenthe, the exhibition area for artists group of “Take 5” 

    Grensloos kunst verkennen” in Drenthe, the exhibition area for artists group of “Take 5” 

    The artists group of “Take 5” in Zhongnai’s absence. 

    One of the “Take 5” members Zhongnai was having his tea break leisurely with calligrapher Liu Hongwei and oil painter Yang Jiakuan at Liu’s "Cottage". 


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  • Two exhibitions in China this June / 六月,国内的两个展览

    3 juli 2012


    Before settled down abroad, I had participated in many painting exhibitions in China, large or small in scales. So far as I rememberthe last one was an exhibition of selected works of Liaoning district for the National Art Exhibition of China.


    Now after more than ten years, I participated again in two painting exhibitions in China in June this year.



    Exhibition 1:  
     <Exhibition of Works of Young Oil Painters>


    Location: Beijing Galaxy Space Gallery, Beijing China


    Organizers: China Artxun Network / Beijing Galaxy Space Gallery


    Exhibiting artists were 18 persons. My exhibits 7 pieces, among which 5 pieces were collected by Beijing Galaxy Space Gallery.



    Exhibition 2:
    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


    From June 2nd to 3rd, a Eurasian art festival-----“Salon d'Automne en Chine” was successfully held as a start for the festival at Liaohe Art Gallery in Northeast China. A Delegation of more than 30 international artists participated in this exhibition. The exhibition would be held in Liaoning, Hainan and Hongkong of China.


    Paris Autumn Art Salon" (Salon d'Automne) is an internationally renowned as well as the oldest large-scale art exhibition. Commissioned by Salon d'Automne  , the Asian Art Fair introduced into China this European international professional exhibition of hundred years. And this was also for the first time in China to have such an exhibition with the same title of the international art exhibition. During this exhibition, 217 pieces of works recommended by Salon d'Automne and 40 pieces of works recommended by the Asian Art Fair were on display


     <Exhibition of Works of Young Oil Painters> Beijing 2012


     <Exhibition of Works of Young Oil Painters> Beijing 2012


     <Exhibition of Works of Young Oil Painters> Beijing 2012


    <Exhibition of Works of Young Oil Painters> Beijing 2012



    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>



    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


    <Salon d'Automne en Chine>


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  • A night elf / 夜的精灵

    23 mei 2012

    The title might be fashionable, but a bit disgusting! As these words suddenly appeared in my mind so I use them as the title.  

    Almost everyday, I spend my time in my studio from evening till morning. There is always nobody but myself in the empty culture factory in night. The empty courtyard, the empty streets and the empty city, there is always nobody anywhere but myself … Night makes me happy, and night makes me indulging in the world outside of the reality.  


    My friends always think that I’m used to work in night, but it is not simply a habit in fact. To me, I just feel that only in night my soul could really belong to me 

    Only in night, could I become a part of the world outside of the reality


    And only in night could I see more than what I could see in daytime as my soul might feel at liberty to wandering here and there…  


    I love the quiet and deep night, in which I feel like an elf…  



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  • 2012 party of “Take 5” in studio / Take5画室再聚会-关于秋季DE WIJK地区艺术周的画展

    3 mei 2012

    After being busy over the two exhibitions at the beginning of this month, I started my usual work again and had been working attentively in my studio for days. My creation for a few pieces of paintings booked by a friend from Shanxi China had also been carried out smoothly. The “culture factory” was quite as usual. Whenever I felt tired, I would get out of my studio to have either a cigarette or a can of beer under the cherry tree while enjoying some sunshine. By then I would probably think about the tea time shared together not long before with that calligrapher Mr. Liu Hongwei in his "cottage" during my stay in China…


    One Tuesday, my friend Jan told me that the members of “Take 5” would come to my studio on the following Friday night to have a party again, so as to discuss some details about the exhibition for autumn art week of 2012 in DE WIJK. By then everybody would bring some beer which was always indispensable for our parties.


    “Take 5” is actually just a group of our young and old guys who wish to hold exhibitions together for the friendship of ours. Nevertheless with the increase of such a kind of activities, this combination has been gradually recognized by public. This spring before I returned to the Netherlands from China, our group had already received several invitations for exhibitions in the future from CBK Drenthe and the Kunsthuis Secretarie 


    Our party started at around 7:00 in the evening that day, during which everyone was assigned some preparatory work for the coming exhibition. Nearly 30 cans of beer that we brought for the party were all finished by 3:00 in the early morning. Then I locked the door and went back home for sleep.




    The party environment is always such a mess. 



    Mark is very proud of this photo, saying that his gesture appears to have a leadership style. 



    Our “chairman” Peter van der Veen was making a summary for our meeting.  



    Jan - Our Senior spokesman     



    It is not that I'm obsessed with my back figure, but this is the only photo in which I could find my image. 



    At the warmest moment of the meeting, a cigarette butt was habitually thrown into a newly opened can of beer.  

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  • "Van het hoge land" - Solo exhibition in Museums Vledder 2012 / 佛莱德尔美术博物馆的个人画展

    3 mei 2012

    After my extremely hard holiday in China, I selected 23 pieces of my painting work and sent them to the art company in Beijing, with which I had a good communication regarding to our future cooperation. Then on April 5th after a journey of 15 hours via Munich and Amsterdam, I got home at 1:30 on the early morning of the 6th in the local time of the Netherlands.


    As worried about the opening ceremony of my personal exhibition in the Museums  Vledder the next day on the 7th, I slept only a few hours after my arrival and then hurried to the museum, where I found everything was in good order already, which made me feel at ease at once. I remember at the beginning of this month when I was still in China, I asked my friend to check about the weather forecast for the following days, just in a fear that I might fail to return back before the opening date if there was a squally heavy rain on the 5th that might probably delay my journey. After all this personal exhibition is quite an important one to me.


    The Museums Vledder consists of three separated small museums: a glass art museum, a modern painting art museum and a museum for painting masterpiece fakes as well. Last year the art museum had a renovation funded by the local government and some private investors. Since my exhibition was the first one held in the museum after the renovation, therefore the opening ceremonies both for the renovated museum and for my exhibition were put together. At 4:00 PM on 7th, the mayor and the museum curator made their brief speeches for the museum opening ceremony. And afterwards, comments for my work as well as a speech for the opening ceremony for my exhibition were made separately by Dr. Frans van der Veen.


    My personal exhibition would last for three months till the end of June. 









    Board for posters outside the museum 



    A corridor inside the museum, leading to the showroom for the collected art works.  



    One of the museum exhibition halls after the renovation 



    My friends in the opening of the exhibition 



    the museum exhibition halls 



    Participants in the opening of the exhibition 


    Participants in the opening of the exhibition 



    This guy … is also a participant in the opening of the exhibition. The pretty girl beside named Anna Roos, is the daughter of his friend, who is now studying medical profession in the University Leiden of the Netherlands.



    Dr. Frans van der Veen was making his opening speech.  



    At exhibition - my back figure   



    Two beauties were smoking outside  

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  • A Tiring holiday of mine / 挺累的假期

    9 maart 2012

    My holiday for 2012 in China is both the busiest and the most tired one for me so far in my memory. For the first two weeks at the beginning, I suffered a lot from a severe cold. Although I got recovered later on, I still have to suffer from slight bronchitis and occasional low-grade fever even till now.

    Since I will sign with an art company in Beijing an agency agreement regarding to the domestic sales of my works, I need to prepare about more than 20 pieces of works for future sales during my stay in China, which is also a part of the agreement. Therefore before coming back to China I contacted a bosom friend of mine Xu Zhi who works in the Art Photography Dept. of Liaoning Art Museum, to find me a secret studio where no acquaintances could be seen for weeks. Then soon after my returning back home, I was arranged to work in a place named as Liaoning Painting Base (situated in the courtyard of the veteran bureau in Dongling District). Afterwards on the 16th of the first lunar month, I started my work when the last bottle of infusion was finished.

    But just after two days’ working there, I was told that the two-layered building of the “Base” had been sold off by the local government of Dongling District, which meant the “Base” had to be temporarily moved to the abandoned Dongling District Library. Abandoned and a little worn as it was, the library was quite good and very quiet. Besides me who worked in the building from morning till night, there was also a calligrapher named Liu Hongwei, and then an old night watchman as well. As the library was situated in downtown lots of Quanyuan area, it was quite convenient both for dinner and traffic. My lunch was usually a take away sent to my studio, so I did not even have to get out of the building. Each day after lunch, I would sit for a while together with that calligrapher Mr.Liu Weihong in his cottage next door to me, chatting freely while having a cup of tea, and then we would continue to work separately. Time like this had lasted for about three weeks till the end of Feb. And then I was informed one day that the “Base” was going to be moved again in a couple of days to a newly built cultural center in the new area of Hunnan. Being an outsider as I was, I had no other choice but to move together with the “Base”.

    The new cultural center is very clean and bright. The calligrapher and I are the only residents there on the floor belonging to the “Base”. Our tea time remains the same as before in his studio each day after lunch. And the only difference is that no take away could be served there as it is a new area and there are almost no commercial streets by now. So lunch could only be taken in a cafeteria belonging to the cultural bureau of Hunnan new area, which is a few hundred meters away from our studios, where foods for hundreds of people are served each day. And that cafeteria always provides with variety of foods from which you may make your choice among 6 kinds of dishes, 2kinds of soup, 3 kinds of stable food and 4 kinds of kimchi as well as fruit you like with a cost of only one chinese yuan for each person, and moreover there is no limit to how much you eat….Only till now do I realize that why is it there are always so many people attending the tests for civil service each year, even to the extent of breaking their heads. The reason is simple because of the outstanding welfare and treatment which is far beyond people’s imagination.

    So hard as I have been working continuously like this till now, I really feel tired. In fact I have never worked in this mad way before even in my studio in the Netherlands. Nevertheless my work has to be completed, and will be completed soon.

    studio of the "base" in the abandoned library


    my studio in the abandoned library 

    the cottage of the calligrapher in the abandoned library


    working in my studio without shaving for half a month by then, did I look an "ai-qaeda" member?

    The clean and empty corridors inside the culture center. There seems to be no persons engaged in culture work besides Liu Hongwei and I. 

    my studio in the culture center of the new area


    tea time at Liu’s studio ( my beard had been shaved )

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  • Gathering Again In Studio /2012 画室再聚会

    15 januari 2012

    Jan.7th was the last day for the exhibition of “Take 5” in studios. A TV interview by the local television station RTV-MEPPEL was arranged to be started around 2:00 pm that day. And in the evening those friends who had failed to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition would get together in my studio, during which we would enjoy drinks while chatting leisurely.


    Since I had been working at night for several days till then, or perhaps I was too tired, and maybe it was also because I went to bed too late that day, my alarm clock couldn't wake me up at 12:30 noontime. By time when I woke up, it was already more than 1:30 pm. So I quickly got up, and hastily wiped my face. There was no time to shave and let alone to do any grooming or dressing. Thinking to myself that a painter needn’t care so much about his image, I drove to my studio in a rush with a slovenly and untidy state. During the period while the TV people were doing their preparations, I took out a banana and two sandwiches I brought with me, and then with a cup of coffee I had my breakfast in a hurry. Later the shooting started, but no one reminded me to tidy my hair. I thought I might look like a vagrant. Oh, forget it! Tossing in that way with day and night reversal, I really felt myself like a vagrant.


    By time of around 4:00 pm after the TV interview, my friends came one after another. There were totally more than a dozen of men and women, who stayed up late and kept on talking till midnight. And by time when they took leave, all drinks had been drunk thoroughly. 




    The coffee time before the interview 



    I pretended to work seriously in the program recording period 



    It was not getting dark yet, but people had come already



    It was no need to be polite, just sat down and started to drink right away 



    The smoking and drinking women were not necessarily bad ones  



    While the smoking and drinking men were not necessarily good ones either 



    Ria, a famous poetess  




    The sounds of chatting plus the music of Doors…that formed a mess which seemed to be a market   :):     :

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  • “take 5+” in the studios / 画室里的“take 5+”

    27 december 2011

    My nocturnal work in the studio had lasted for quite a few days, in a wish to work out several pieces of decent works as I don’t like to show the same works of mine that had been put on display several times before on different exhibitions. Although the year of 2012 has not yet begun, my preparation for the scheduled exhibitions for the coming year has started already. So far as it goes, there will be several exhibitions organized by the galleries in Groningen, Echten, Zwolle as well as in other cities in the north. Besides I have also been invited to hold an individual exhibition at Art museum Vledder and Rabobank ...... I dare not neglect a little.


    Christmas and the New Year comes again, as those of us who work in the cultural factory have been considered to be cared by the local government, we think we ought to do something as a return. So during our last gathering in my studio, we discussed this topic and decided to hold a winter exhibition for “take 5” just in our studio area. Then on the 17th of this month, a mini opening ceremony organized by every one of us was held in our cultural factory. By then everyone’s studio and the corridor outside had become the exhibition space. To us this could be considered as a nice ending for the year of 2011.  



    newspaper reports




    busy with cleaning before the opening  


    a break for a coffee or a cigarette 






    our chairman Peter Van Der Veen made a brief opening statement


    friends at exhibition 

    The invited musicians were singing in front of the stacked paintings covered with cloth 

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  • Kunstcentrum Pand Paulus Schiedam / Pand Paulus 艺术中心的作品交流展

    17 november 2011

    An art exhibition titled as “China – Refletie, moed en identieteit” opened at Pand Paulus Art Center of Schiedam Holland on Nov.13th 2011. This exhibition was organized by Ms.Liao Zhanhong and would last for 20days. During the exhibition, about 50 pieces of art works of Chinese artists living in the Netherlands as well as the local Dutch artists were on display. A printing album for the works of the participating artists was also published during the exhibition.


    The opening ceremony started at 4:00PM. Ms. Liao Zhanhong and a Dutch-born Chinese women artist conducted together a performance art with their body language and the props of potato and rice. They expressed in an exploratory way the contradictions of awareness, recognition, acceptance and rejection resulting from the collisions of two different cultures between East and West in the hearts of the overseas Chinese. During their performance, I sang two songs and my singing lasted until the performance ended. 




    Some artists of the exhibition



    Kaye and Zhanhong are doing a performance art 


    Seriously they performed while seriously I sang. 





    My works on the exhibition


    My companion for the exhibition, Artist Anna Mercker 

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